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Meal Plan Monday

Last week I planned out my week of food.  And while it looked good on paper, it was difficult to stick to – If, for example, I had ‘planned’ for steel cut oats for breakfast but didn’t get up in time to make them, I felt bad for straying even if I chose a healthy option.

This week, I’m approaching Meal Planning a little different.  This week, I’m going to ‘plan’ breakfast, lunch & snack options but not assigning them to specific days.  This way, I can still plan my healthy options, but won’t feel so regimented.

Breakfast options ~ Steel Cut Oats, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Kashi Cereal w/ Almond Milk, or ½ Grapefruit with Whole Wheat Toast & Almond Butter

Snack Options ~ Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, Larabars, Apple Slices, Oranges, Greek Yogurt, Pecans, grapes, dried cranberries or other dried fruit

Lunch options ~ Salads with spinach as a base and the world is my oyster from there – Cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, pomegranate, eggs, mozerella, chickpeas, mushrooms, etc; sandwiches on Flat out Bread wraps with Boars head lunch meats, leftovers from the previous nights dinner – All good options

Dinner ~ This is where I REALLY plan because it is so much easier than trying to come up with an idea for dinner after a long day of work with a hungry family clamoring for food:

Monday – Catfish with red potatoes, onion, zucchini (mostly zucchini with a small amount of potatoes – cooked in a skillet)

Tuesday – Brinner – Veggie omelets (YUM!) and fresh fruit

WednesdayCrock pot Chicken with salad

Thursday – Chicken “Pot Pies” with leftover chicken from Wednesday, found this healthier version I’m looking forward to trying

Friday – Chef’s Requested – Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon. (YUM), Salad, green beans

Sat – Date night??? I’m leaving this one open because there has been talk of a date night with my hubby

Sunday – Subway Sunday – This has become a tradition that I enjoy – it tends to go against the grain of a traditional “Sunday Dinner” but we get to focus on closing out our week with quality time instead of me slaving away in the kitchen. (And, by getting a ‘footlong’ I can have ½ for dinner and the other ½ for Monday’s Lunch) – Win/ Win!

What are your plans for this week?



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Getting out of a rut…

This has been a hard week but I’m back on the wagon and ready to kick it into high gear! Go check it out and follow my journey 🙂

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I haven’t fallen off the earth…

Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t been around very much lately – you would NOT believe how crazy busy my schedule has been since being named as one of the new Mamavation Moms!

We now have all of the pieces in place… well, almost all of them anyway so now is when the *Real* work starts… at least that’s what I was just told even though I thought I was already working it LOL!

If you are curious about what is going on so far, check out my weekly update.

If you’d like to see what a day in the life looks like, you can also review some daily updates too!

And Speaking of Progress…

Application Weight – 251
10/18/2010 – 246.5
10/25/2010 – 243.5
week’s loss – 3 lbs
Total Lost – 7.5 lbs

I hope you all have a great week! Thanks so much for your continued support because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t do it without you.

I also know I wouldn’t be able to do all of this without the support of our sponsors so a HUGE thank you to Earth Footwear, SUBWAY, EA SPORTS Active, and Chefs Requested.

Thank you also to Pete CohenCynthia Pasquella, and Tracey Mallett for sharing your time and expertise!

I can’t wait to figure out what I’m going to learn this week!!!

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