Meal Plan Monday :)

Let me start by saying that I reserve the right to make any changes necessary to ensure that my week runs smoothly.  I require LOTS of Flexibility , and not just in the major muscle groups 🙂

I struggled last week with meal planning so I’m getting a jump start.  I decided that FOR ME planning dinners is just NOT enough.  I also need to plan out my snacks and lunches because those get taken to work with me! So hear it is:

I want to know your thoughts!!!  What would you avoid or add in to this meal plan???



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8 responses to “Meal Plan Monday :)

  1. Patricia Eales

    Great idea with the planning! Glad I found your blog, and thanks for your support by visiting my blog!

  2. Meal planning is a great idea. I don’t do it as much as I think I should, but I can definitely see the benefits. And? It helps with shopping. Wait…I guess I do meal plan! Ha ha ha!

  3. joceycakes

    love your dinners, i know you can stick to it! and if not, there is so many other options 🙂

  4. Girl Menu planning is the BOMB!

    It is hard but I started it about 3 months ago and it’s saved me a ton of money besides I get to warn the girls ahead of time what they’re having ROFL…

    I wouldn’t survive without my FlyLady Control Journal and my Menu planner!

    Congrats on another week down as a Mamavation Momma and I’m here for ya all the way ROOTING from my end of the PC screen!!

  5. lorrie

    you are definatly way more adventrous in your eating than i am it sounds like a great meal plan , I plan on going to the store next week to shop for food for when I am away for a week at work will try to get healthy foods this time around.

    this week i planned out my workouts of course i had to deviate from the cycling due to sore legs from 5k but I think I will do cycling tonight. thank you for your comment and I’m proud to call you friend too

  6. Amazing! I meal plan DINNERS but not the other meals. I really should do that! 🙂 Perhaps that will be my ‘nap time’ activity this afternoon. 😛

  7. I love the find it fix it option, but hopefully that will be a leftover from dinner the night before or something 🙂
    I have to plan out my meals too and the breakfast plan you have made is awesome because you can change it up with you toppings, but still have a stable and filling meal. You are so organized this week. Love it, hopefully there isn’t too much thrown at you to knock you through a loop, but if it does, I know you are the WOMAN to pull it off. You rock!!!

  8. thebettylife

    That’s a great thing to do – list all your meals. Helps you stay on track and saves money too. I do the same, only for my evening dinners though. Everything looks healthy and good for you there, have you thought about making your own subway? You can cut a load of calories and keep the taste! I have a recipe on my blog:

    Have a great week! 🙂

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