5K Day!!! (a little late)

If you aren’t aware, Saturday Oct 2nd was 5K day – and you can read more information about it here.  We had a blast on our 5K day and I’ve put together a little video to show you all the excitement.  There aren’t many pictures of me getting my exercise in because HELLO – I was working the camera, but we ALL got our sweat on!!!

The video is only about 4 min long, so take a gander and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

**Sorry about the quality, this was shot on my phone and I’m using free video editing software… bear with me**


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4 responses to “5K Day!!! (a little late)

  1. I love it! It looks like SO MUCH FUN!! What kid wouldn’t like to have free reign to run and play in mud! I’m 30 and I would love to do that now!! That’s awesome!

  2. What a cute Vlog! This event looks so fun! I need to find something like this for my kids around here. Glad you enjoyed #5k day and you could share it with the family!

  3. gretablau

    OMG they must have had SO much fun!!!! I wanna do that!

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