Mamavation Monday – 9/27/2010 – Week 4

Let me start by saying that this is a long post. Sorry about that, but it was a good week!

I was terrified to get on the scale today. After 3 weeks of nothing, I wasn’t sure how I’d react to a 4th. I know the scale shouldn’t matter – after all, I’ll feel better…am eating healthier…getting more exercise…and even though it’s small, I’ve noticed some change in how my clothes are fitting. The scale shouldn’t matter.

but it does….

So I got up this morning

took a deep breath

Stepped on my scale

And am down 1/2 a lb!!! To some, this may be a small amount, but seriously I’m stoked! I’m obviously not stopping at 1/2 a lb but I have to wonder if my body is finally figuring out that I’m going to continue feeding it healthy fuel so it can feel free to burn up the excess! What I’m doing now is working in all areas and for that, I’m super grateful to ALL of my mamavation sistas! everyone is so helpful!

As for last week’s goals, here’s how thing shook out:

(1) Continued water and Fiber monitoring – On both of these fronts, i did …ok… but definitely room for improvement –

(2) Change my attitude towards my exercise to a more positive one – Found some great workouts that I really had fun with! Especially @fitcheerldr ‘s Walk And Tone MP3 . Seriously y’all – it’s so worth it! Every time I wanted to quit or thought I couldn’t do one more – Janice was there reminding me that I could!!!

(3) Push myself a little more each day – Definitely pushed myself more this week – including a 5 mile hike through Walnut Creek here in Austin with an old boss – it’s been a while since I have even attempted that and felt soooo accomplished when we were done. I also completed 3 days of Mamaguns workouts and my 200 sit ups challenge!!

(4) Eat at least 1 “new” food each week to keep me from getting into a rut – this week’s food is Quinoa – making it with spinach and goat cheese with dinner tonight so I’ll let you know how it turns out

All in all, it was a GREAT week for me! on top of all of that – can I brag for a minute about my philosophy test?! as the prof is handing them back he’s telling us how the grades were remarkably low and how most everyone will be unhappy with their grades. I started freaking out – it was a 5 essay test. He goes on to say that there were 2 A’s in the class of over 35 so “obviously it can be done”… and guess what?!? Yours truly got one of the A’s!!! A 92! 🙂 As a treat I went to Academy and picked up my new Nike Sensor. It links to my iPhone (or iPod if you have one) and helps track your time and distance and calories burned… I love the motivation it gives me as an easy, foolproof way to track my walks as I build up to running. (no, this isn’t a paid endorsement – just super jazzed)

I’m also excited that I’m going to be able to make it to Mamavation TV this Monday! I can’t wait to hear from Pete Cohen and am super jazzed that he and his nutritional program are sponsoring this week blogging carnival! He is one of the most wonderful people I’ve “met” on twitter and is genuinely engaged with advice and support when needed. SUCH a class act!

Speaking of class acts – Congrats to this week’s Sista of the Week: Joanna @way2gomom. You are amazing and inspiring and look forward to hearing more about how everything is going with all the changes in your world! Must be an exciting time for you 🙂

I’m sure I’ve left someone out on this post, but if you’ve read this far, CONGRATS you are at the end 🙂 See y’all tomorrow!



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16 responses to “Mamavation Monday – 9/27/2010 – Week 4

  1. kia

    Baby steps are notable victories because we keep them consistent and they add up. You are doing a great job with your health/fitness goals. And congrats on your PHIL exam.

  2. lorrie

    great job im catching up thsi week with situps but i promise i will do weeks 2 and 3 this week and be ready for week 4 next week

    congrats on the weight loss hugs and have a great week thanks for being friends

  3. Yay for weight loss! I love your attitude! Trying a new food every week is a great idea! Keep pushing! You can do it! Have a wonderful week!

  4. yay for the 1/2 pound! and for being brave enough to step on the scale. 😉

  5. Great job! Woot the scale is finally cooperating! Yay!

    Do you have an iphone? If so then maybe you can return your senspr because with the new Nike + GPS app yo no longer need a sensor! Also the app will work perfectly fine with your data on your phone turned off!!

  6. I also need to push myself a little more every day! Good luck with your goals this week!

  7. Congrats on your loss this week! You are doing great! Keep on staying strong you can do this!

  8. It never feels good to have week after week of no action on the scale, so I know how excited you are about that 1/2 lb loss! Way to go! And I’m definitely curious to hear how the Quinoa turns out, I’ve always been afraid to cook with it! Hope you have a great rest of the week!

  9. Man, you are on fire! Way to go on your 1/2 lb, that is great! And awesome job on the A! I am an A addict. If I get a high B, I’m not happy. lol Thanks for all the support you are offering for this mamavation campaign! It feels awesome having friends like you to share this with!

  10. Congrats on the weight loss and your goals! WOO!

  11. WooHoo!! Totally loving the upbeat post this week! Awesome job on the loss! Darn scale was just holding out on you but your hard work IS paying off! Keep up the strong work and we’ll catch ya on TV tonight!

  12. Way to go on your loss this week! You’re doing great and your attitude and outlook are so wonderful. No loss is ever too small and should always be celebrated! *throws confetti*

  13. Any loss is something to celebrate about! Great job! Keep up the hard work this week!

  14. WHOOOOO!! Congrats on the weight loss and the test grade!


    You keep on keeping on girl! I’m super proud of youuuu!!

    Oh, and GOOD IDEA with the different foods for keeping out of the ruts! Rock on!


  15. Way to go on your loss! That is so cool. I could totally feel the excitement radiating from your post. Congratulations, sistah.

  16. Woot for that 1/2 lb!! It sure does make a difference in EVERYTHING! Trust me… I love seeing the slightest movement (DOWN) on the scale.. I even rejoice with a 0.1lbs difference! 😛

    Woot for the Nike+!! I am so glad you like it! I love mine! I have found that I have run more, further and faster since getting mine this past May!! It is a great way to keep track of your progress as well as keep you motivated! 🙂

    Have you checked out ? You should – there is a Mamavation group on there and it is another great way to record your mileage/running/walking progress! 🙂

    Have a fantastic and active week!!
    Rachel @RachelSteffen

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