Got tips?

I could use some tips for if you have any to share:

Easy and quick low-carb meals:

I’ve been doing really well with Atkins and I’ve had tons of energy which is great.  The scale is also showing wonderful results so I’m going to stick with this.  I’m committed now more than ever and I think that level of commitment is what is responsible for the changes I’m seeing.

Here’s my dilemma – 2 days a week I leave my house at 6:30am and don’t return until after 11:00pm.  I KNOW I need to pack enough to cover breakfast (since I rarely eat before I leave the house), lunch AND dinner- otherwise, I’m tempted to grab something quick on the road.  I know that when that happens, nothing quick and easy is good for the diet!!

I  prefer to pack my meals the night before but that doesn’t ALWAYS  happen.  sometimes I’m scrambling to gather my stuff in the morning which I know is bad planning on my part, but I’d love to know what you pack / plan – Especially if you are also on a low carb eating plan.



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2 responses to “Got tips?

  1. Great website.. she puts down carb counts for everything and *’s everything that is induction friendly. She even has menus and meal plans worked out. I love going here for inspiration or a recipe. The enchilada chicken casserole is sooo good.

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